Monday, January 7, 2013

Stuff I've been up to since getting my Christmas book from boyfriend

I've become a little obsessed. Any spare moment has become a "I NEED TO SCRIBBLE IN MY LITTLE BOOK!" moment. Waiting for the streetcar. Waiting for the autoclave to finish its cycle, waiting for food to come at the restaurant... Basically, any waiting for something time has become doodle time.
It's interesting, because strangely, my phone has had much longer battery life since the doodles started. Hmmm... coincidence? On the bad side, though, I've had to start carrying around larger purses because of my "doodle pouch", which contains my pens and pencils, pattern book and little doodle book. It's like a security blanket I can't be without now.
Maybe it will pass, maybe it won't, maybe it will become slightly less obsessive. I'm enjoying the extra bit of battery life on my phone at any rate!
Lots of images, I think I'll share them as one post. Thanks for looking!
<3 Alie <3

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